Monthly Archives: November 2012

Kick-Ass Code Collaboration

Collaboration on code is important. If we want to do Kick-Ass Software Development we need to get our changes fast, easy and without a big process into the code base and keep the code quality high. I start with 2 problems I’ve seen in software development teams. Code collaboration problems The indispensable developer If you’re a developer that works […]

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Beyond Scrum – Is Agile dead?

Since one decade the agile coaches keep telling us how to organize our development. How the awesome agile process gives developers better results and that it will make us happier. People were writing excellent code and delivered good software before we had processes called Scrum or XP. I visited Devoxx in Antwerp last week and saw a […]

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Starting with Public Speaking

Exactly one year ago I did my first talk at a public conference. I wrote an abstract about my experience how to clean up the code of a legacy system. Three weeks before the talk I totally panicked because I haven’t done one slide and didn’t know if I could fill a 60 minute slot […]

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