It’s all About Team Culture




I’m a huge fan of a “Getting Sh@#t Done” culture that motivates team members to do the job of their life.

Sven’s passion

I’m Sven and I’m a team advocate, keynote speaker, former developer and Marketeer. I’ve been studying teamwork for the last 15 years. There are several ways to build Kick-Ass teams for tech companies. Here is what I believe will get teamwork to the next level. It will help organizations to foster a “Getting Sh@#t Done” culture and motivates team members to the job of their life.

I’m also a frequent keynote speaker at several major developer conferences. My talks are full of practical take aways for the attendees and have a specific way of story telling. It is not only important for a successful keynote to introduce new concepts to the attendees but more to deliver it in a fun and entertaining way. Check out some of my talks.


I regularly speak at conferences about team topics. Check out where I’m speaking next.


I’m creating a lot of slide decks and I hate bullet points. Text is the worst way to visually transport your message to the attendees. Check out my slide decks.

Speaker Coach

I’m doing public speaking since 2011 and learned a lot about preparing for a conference. I’ve put together a few of my learnings in a couple of articles.

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If you want to contact me you can do it over LinkedIn , Twitter, or directly from this webpage. I’ll answer you, promise.