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I’m a huge fan of a “Getting Sh@#t Done” culture that motivates team members to do the job of their life.

Passion for Developers

Sven is a developer advocate, keynote speaker, former programmer, and tech marketer. He’s been studying teamwork for the last 15 years.

There are several ways to build Kick-Ass teams for tech companies. Developers are doing much more these days than writing code: They built, run, and maintain software products. They test and implement innovative ideas. They deeply understand what the users need working closely with product management, design, and operations. All of this embedded in a self-orgnized and cross-functional team.

Sven is also a frequent keynote speaker at major developer conferences. His talks are full of practical takeaways. It is not only important for a successful keynote to introduce new concepts to the attendees but more to deliver it in a fun and engaging way.

Sven has produced several company keynotes for organizations like Atlassian and MongoDB. A well orchestrated product keynotes ties together product and feature announcements, the vision of the company, and in an interesting and entertaining way.

Public Speaking • DevRel Strategy and Planning • Keynote Production • Event Content Strategy • Social Media • Content Marketing • Software Development • Team Development

Public Speaking

Sven is an international recognized speaker on teamwork, developer effectivity, new work, agile leadership, and much more. His work has been featured on stages all over the world educating thousands of developers.

Speaker Coaching

Sven is spoke at over 200 events worldwide and has learned a lot about preparing for conferences. He’s been helping 100s of speakers deliver fun and engaging talks and helping them overcome their stage fear. Read some of his learnings in the series of articles.

DevRel Strategy

Sven was one of the first developer advocates before it became an established role in technology organizations. He’s been running developer relation programs at companies like Atlassian and MongoDB. Raising awareness, teaching developers new technologies, closing the feedback loop between customers and engineers, and building a strong community are essential parts of a great developer relation program.

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