I’m a passionate presenter🎤.

Here are some of my talks:

Conference presentations

Developer Joy – How great teams get s%*t done

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Great Developer Career

The Effective Developer – Work Smarter, Not Harder

5 Things: How to Rock Remote Work

Less Process, more Guidance with a Team Playbook

The Secret Sauce of Successful Software Teams

Rise of the Machines – Automate your Development

Coding Culture

It’s the Culture, But Not As You Know It

Getting Git Right

Build Better Software Together

Git Branching for Agile Teams

Starting a Collaboration Revolution

Git with t for team

Don’t use Git

How To Do Kick-Ass Software Development

7 Things: How to Make Good Teams Great

How Effective Feedback Can Improve Your Software

Passion for Software

Making the switch to DVCS

When Code Gets Older

Atlassian User Group presentation:

Teams glow – Stay in sync, async

Drive Confluence Adoption

Be More Productive with Confluence

The 5 Hottest Atlassian News From Summit 2014

Software For Every Team

Atlassian User Group – April/May 2014

Atlassian User Group – October 2013

Atlassian User Group – September 2013

Confluence – From Wiki to Collaboration Platform

Atlassian: The latest and greatest – May/June 2013

Code Collaboration with Git & Stash

Stash – We code together

Bamboo – an Introduction

Atlassian: The latest and greatest – February 2013

JIRA Enterprise

Atlassian Bonfire

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