The Public Speaking Coach

This guide will hopefully help everyone that is presenting publically. I’ve been a presenter, speaker coach, program committee leader, keynote writer, and slide designer for many years. Now let’s be clear: Public speaking is scary. For most of us it’s not an everyday task that 100s of eyeballs staring at us. Every speaker I know has stage fear. Even the very experienced ones get nervous 5-10 minutes before they enter the stage.

Public speaking can also be a lot of fun when you’re well prepared. How do you get started? How do you get accepted to speak at a conference? How do you put together a compelling story? How do you make your slide look stunning? How do you practice? How do calm your nerves? How can you do it over and over again?

Public speaking is like a muscle. The more often you train and actually do it, the better you get. And public speaking is great for a lot of things:

  • You build skills that can push your career forward
  • You can travel to great places
  • You meet amazing people
  • You become a thought leader and your opinion matters
  • and much more…

The speaking coach

The speaking coach is taking you through the whole experience. From finding topics and places to follow up and improve your talk.

Creating a stunning slide deck (Coming soon)

Practicing for Presentations (Coming soon)