Team Culture

Cross-functional Teams
Teams need to be cross functional to make fast and strong decisions. Whether you call it DevOps, SecOps, or Design On Development. If you have a team of different talents you can make most your decisions without reaching out to other teams and the usual back and forth between departments.

Autonomous Teams
Teams need autonomie to bring out their best performance. A team can only succeed if they fully own a goal or problem to solve. The team should be responsible for getting from the problem to the solution and it should be empowered to do so. This leads to a successful product and the team members will own it with pride.

Guided Teams
Teams also should have some guidance to keep the focus (especially when working in a team of teams). Product teams need to constantly redefine and understand the vision of the software product they build, market, support, etc. A strong vision and using data to make decisions sets the right way to the future of a product. A detailed development process for all teams is slowing them down and is in the way of doing the right things.

Balanced Teams
The best teams are balanced in age, gender, and cultural background. Different experiences and opinions foster discussions and lead ultimately up to build a better product. It is important to build an environment where everyone is heard and everyone’s opinion is respected.