See you this autumn

So it’s September and the conference season starts again. I actually wanted to do a little bit less travelling this autumn, but looking at my schedule for the next months I can forget that. So if you want to meet me here are the places I will be:


10th – 12th September: Oslo at JavaZone and Atlassian User Group

I will do an user group meeting at the 10th and talk about news from Atlassian. A day later I will present different Git Workflows at JavaZone.


25th September: Berlin at Berlin DoSE

At Berlin DoSE I’m gonna do the closing keynote about “Kick-Ass Software Development (TM)”.  After the talk we gonna throw some drinks for the attendees.

1st – 3rd October: San Francisco Atlassian Summit

That’s very exciting for me, because I’m gonna speak for the first time at Atlassian’s own customer conference about ‘How to make good teams great’.

19th October: Kiev at Javaday

The Javaday in Kiev is a community event and I’m gonna try to Kick-Ass there with my presentation.

21st – 23rd October, Zurich at Jazoon and Atlassian User Group

I will be at a user group meeting on the 21st and talk at Jazoon about how to do better software development by kicking ass one day later.

7th November: Wiesbaden at Tools4AgileTeams

I will talk about how teams can use Git for better development workflows at Tools4AgileTeams.

11th – 15th November: Antwerp at Devoxx

I guess Devoxx is Europe’s largest software development conference and I will do 2 presentations this years. One on Kick-Ass Software Development (TM) and another short talk about not using Git!

21st November: Frankfurt JIRA & Confluence Community Day

I’m gonna do the keynote at the Community Day about the Collaboration Revolution in companies.

Plus more:

I still have some options out there and I will probably do some Drink Ups in some of these cities to meet with customers. Contact me if you would like to meet. See you somewhere this Autumn!

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