Code Reviews, just better

“Code Reviews Are More Important Than TDD” Dr. Venkat Subramaniam Don’t get me wrong: Test Driven Development is great and it helps with a lot of things: Good quality, maintainable functionality, repeatable tests and much more. We did a survey at conferences that showed us that around 70% of all developer teams are practicing some kind ofContinue reading “Code Reviews, just better”

Starting a Collaboration Revolution

Products these days are complex. If you think about how many people are involved to gather requirements, to discuss priorities, to write the software, maybe create hardware, to test each feature, to come up with a great design and to operate or distribute the products… not talking about marketing, finance  & controlling here… Building greatContinue reading “Starting a Collaboration Revolution”

Five Word Tech Horrors

The last 48 hours people were tweeting their tech horror stories in five words. This really made my day… but the scariest thing is: I’ve heard most of this quotes in real life! These are my Top 20 tweets: 1 My nephew creates web sites #fivewordtechhorrors — Jason Bock (@jasonbock) December 11, 2013 2 “WhoContinue reading “Five Word Tech Horrors”

Writing killer submissions for conferences

I was recently asked to join the program committee for a medium size conference in Switzerland named Jazoon. I had to review around 30 submissions and found out, that this is a really tough job. I learned so much about helping the program committee to decide if your talk should be accepted for the conferenceContinue reading “Writing killer submissions for conferences”

10 Development Culture Smells You Should Change

Sometimes you don’t know where your team sucks. Here are some smells that can destroy your team culture: 1. Non Coding Architects If you have these type of job position in your organization you should really think about getting rid of it. The team should define the architecture together. If it comes to cross teamContinue reading “10 Development Culture Smells You Should Change”