5 Great Books For Better Teamwork

In the last 10+ years I’ve studied teamwork by talking to a lot of teams in different organizations. Besides that, I’ve read a lot of books on this topic to compare my findings with those from others. Not surprisingly I found a lot of overlap in some of those books. Here are my top 5Continue reading “5 Great Books For Better Teamwork”

7 Bots That Help Improve Your Development

Now I call them robots or short bots. You might call them scripts, services, helper tools or simply automation of tasks. If we see that we repeatedly doing the same task over and over again it is time to automate our software development. Let’s see how far we can go and where bots are used byContinue reading “7 Bots That Help Improve Your Development”

Empowering Developers – The Next Generation Coder

I’m going to a lot of software development conferences and working in some program committees trying to select sessions about the hottest new trends. If you do this for a few years you see hypes come & go like SOA, ESB, MapReduce, BPM and so on. But once in a while there is a revolutionContinue reading “Empowering Developers – The Next Generation Coder”

Team Building – Winning & Losing As A Team

This part of the Summer of Culture blog series There have been written a lot of books about team building and the psychology behind this. There are a lot of courses, seminars, talks about this complex topic and I don’t think this post can explain all of it. I just want to share some tips forContinue reading “Team Building – Winning & Losing As A Team”

Summer of Culture – The Beginning

This is the first part of a blog post series about company culture. I’m planning to write 5 posts in the upcoming 2 months about certain aspects of creating a great culture. What is company culture? I guess this is the hardest thing to explain, so why not ask Wikipedia about it? “Culture includes theContinue reading “Summer of Culture – The Beginning”

How Fixing Paper Cut Bugs Makes Customers & Developers Happier

When doing sprint planning meetings we always care about the big user stories. Stories that help the users solve real big problems. But what about the small things that hides in our backlog? These got almost forgotten, marked as “’should be fixed” but “not so important”. Sometimes it would be just a 3 hour jobContinue reading “How Fixing Paper Cut Bugs Makes Customers & Developers Happier”

10 Reasons Why Every Team Needs a Chat

In the year 2004 I was working in a development team and one guy suggested to use chat. I didn’t see the advantage to chat with other team mates next door. I could stand up and talk to them directly or pick up the phone. The chat client looked so ugly, I didn’t get notifiedContinue reading “10 Reasons Why Every Team Needs a Chat”