10 Development Culture Smells You Should Change

Sometimes you don’t know where your team sucks. Here are some smells that can destroy your team culture: 1. Non Coding Architects If you have these type of job position in your organization you should really think about getting rid of it. The team should define the architecture together. If it comes to cross teamContinue reading “10 Development Culture Smells You Should Change”

Blame Driven Development – finally a methodology that works

The development can be driven by a lot of things: TDD (Test Driven Development), MDD (Model Driven Development), FDD (Feature Driven Development), BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and much more. Do we really need a new kind of development? Yes! All other forms are describing the workflow during the development. With Blame Driven Development just the resultContinue reading “Blame Driven Development – finally a methodology that works”

Git & Continuous Integration – Does that work?

In my last blog post I was mentioning 6 arguments why you shouldn’t use Git. While 5 arguments were obviously meant to be sarcastic (who can really think that slow operations like searching the history in SVN can be an advantage) there was doubt about one argument that can be tricky: Git destroys the ideaContinue reading “Git & Continuous Integration – Does that work?”

Don’t use Git

Everybody keeps telling you that Git is better than Subversion. You keep hearing Git has better workflows, offline capabilities and  is faster. But should we really jump on every new technology that is coming around the corner? Your source code is the heart of your software developement and you want to store it with aContinue reading “Don’t use Git”

Hiring Kick-Ass Developer

Finding people that can kick ass (if you give them the freedom to do so) is not an easy task. Kick-ass developers are not the norm. They constantly think how to improve things, they are passionate about what they’re doing and they have brilliant social skills. How can you find these special kind of people?Continue reading “Hiring Kick-Ass Developer”

Kick-Ass Software Testing

If you want to be a Kick-Ass developer you care about the quality of your software. The QA shouldn’t be responsible for finding your bugs. At Atlassian QA means Quality Assistance. For each 13 developer there is one employee working in QA. And we think this a great ratio! Sometimes QA departements see themselves as theContinue reading “Kick-Ass Software Testing”

Kick-Ass Development Needs Great Design Fast

This one is maybe Atlassian specific but I guess it happens in lots of engineering driven companies: You start with a small team of developers and as you grow you add more developers. Maybe at some state you add a bunch of tester. But what about designer? Developers can do a little bit of design themselves, right?Continue reading “Kick-Ass Development Needs Great Design Fast”

Kick-Ass Build Automation

As a Kick-Ass Developer you should automate as much as you can, so you’re able to do more coding. Looking at the development cycle the most obvious automation are your builds. Nowadays I don’t know many teams that are not using a Continuous Integration server that kicks off a build after every check in (inContinue reading “Kick-Ass Build Automation”

Kick-Ass Code Collaboration

Collaboration on code is important. If we want to do Kick-Ass Software Development we need to get our changes fast, easy and without a big process into the code base and keep the code quality high. I start with 2 problems I’ve seen in software development teams. Code collaboration problems The indispensable developer If you’re a developer that worksContinue reading “Kick-Ass Code Collaboration”

Beyond Scrum – Is Agile dead?

Since one decade the agile coaches keep telling us how to organize our development. How the awesome agile process gives developers better results and that it will make us happier. People were writing excellent code and delivered good software before we had processes called Scrum or XP. I visited Devoxx in Antwerp last week and saw aContinue reading “Beyond Scrum – Is Agile dead?”