5 Great Books For Better Teamwork

In the last 10+ years I’ve studied teamwork by talking to a lot of teams in different organizations. Besides that, I’ve read a lot of books on this topic to compare my findings with those from others. Not surprisingly I found a lot of overlap in some of those books. Here are my top 5Continue reading “5 Great Books For Better Teamwork”

7 Bots That Help Improve Your Development

Now I call them robots or short bots. You might call them scripts, services, helper tools or simply automation of tasks. If we see that we repeatedly doing the same task over and over again it is time to automate our software development. Let’s see how far we can go and where bots are used byContinue reading “7 Bots That Help Improve Your Development”

How Fixing Paper Cut Bugs Makes Customers & Developers Happier

When doing sprint planning meetings we always care about the big user stories. Stories that help the users solve real big problems. But what about the small things that hides in our backlog? These got almost forgotten, marked as “’should be fixed” but “not so important”. Sometimes it would be just a 3 hour jobContinue reading “How Fixing Paper Cut Bugs Makes Customers & Developers Happier”

10 Reasons Why Every Team Needs a Chat

In the year 2004 I was working in a development team and one guy suggested to use chat. I didn’t see the advantage to chat with other team mates next door. I could stand up and talk to them directly or pick up the phone. The chat client looked so ugly, I didn’t get notifiedContinue reading “10 Reasons Why Every Team Needs a Chat”

6 Ways to Boost Developers Performance

I guess every company wants to have productive and efficient employees that comes up with bright ideas and can execute, track and deliver them. This employee should smile all the time, doesn’t need a lot of attention and works always for the company goals. This is a nice wish, but in reality we need toContinue reading “6 Ways to Boost Developers Performance”

Power to the Developers

I never understod why companies are building a strong management driven culture and destroy the creativity of the developers. We need freedom to build awesome software with great quality fast. That’s why some people see us as the prima donnas in a company. When our management gives us the freedom of choosing our own toolsContinue reading “Power to the Developers”

Git & Continuous Integration – Does that work?

In my last blog post I was mentioning 6 arguments why you shouldn’t use Git. While 5 arguments were obviously meant to be sarcastic (who can really think that slow operations like searching the history in SVN can be an advantage) there was doubt about one argument that can be tricky: Git destroys the ideaContinue reading “Git & Continuous Integration – Does that work?”

Beyond Scrum – Is Agile dead?

Since one decade the agile coaches keep telling us how to organize our development. How the awesome agile process gives developers better results and that it will make us happier. People were writing excellent code and delivered good software before we had processes called Scrum or XP. I visited Devoxx in Antwerp last week and saw aContinue reading “Beyond Scrum – Is Agile dead?”

Effective Feedback – Fake it before you make it

Building great user interfaces can take some time. You want to be sure that your first released version points in the right direction. How can you get feedback from your customers before you deliver a real product or a working prototype? What is the best way to try things out and be able to throwContinue reading “Effective Feedback – Fake it before you make it”

Mini-Sprints gegen das Aufschieben von Aufgaben

Benutzerhandbücher schreiben, den manuellen Testplan einmal ausführen, den Legacy Code mit Tests versehen oder endlich mal gemeinsam Code-Teile refactorn. Dies sind Aufgaben, die die Entwickler gerne an die QA, technischen Redakteure oder studentische Hilfskräfte weitergeben. Fakt ist aber meistens, dass Entwickler diese Aufgaben viel besser erledigen können, als andere Kollegen. Wir erledigen solche Aufgaben in Mini-Sprints.Continue reading “Mini-Sprints gegen das Aufschieben von Aufgaben”