Git & Continuous Integration – Does that work?

In my last blog post I was mentioning 6 arguments why you shouldn’t use Git. While 5 arguments were obviously meant to be sarcastic (who can really think that slow operations like searching the history in SVN can be an advantage) there was doubt about one argument that can be tricky: Git destroys the ideaContinue reading “Git & Continuous Integration – Does that work?”

Don’t use Git

Everybody keeps telling you that Git is better than Subversion. You keep hearing Git has better workflows, offline capabilities and  is faster. But should we really jump on every new technology that is coming around the corner? Your source code is the heart of your software developement and you want to store it with aContinue reading “Don’t use Git”

Kick-Ass Code Collaboration

Collaboration on code is important. If we want to do Kick-Ass Software Development we need to get our changes fast, easy and without a big process into the code base and keep the code quality high. I start with 2 problems I’ve seen in software development teams. Code collaboration problems The indispensable developer If you’re a developer that worksContinue reading “Kick-Ass Code Collaboration”

Der neue Joel Test – 12 Schritte für besseren Code

Vor 12 Jahren erfand Joel Spolsky, Gründer von Fokgreek Software den Joel Test. 12 Fragen an denen man erkennen soll, ob man in einem vernünftigen Softwareentwicklungsteam arbeitet. Kann man nur 10 der 12 Fragen mit Ja beantworten, sollte man sich überlegen, etwas am Prozess zu verändern. Wie gesagt: Das ganze ist jetzt schon 12 JahreContinue reading “Der neue Joel Test – 12 Schritte für besseren Code”