Effective Feedback – Involve Developers

As a developer I think it’s great if I don’t have to deal too much with customers. They need so much time explaining their complains and most of the time it’s just an issue of wrong configuration, using the software in an unsupported use case or they are not aware of a feature. All theseContinue reading “Effective Feedback – Involve Developers”

Effective Feedback – Fake it before you make it

Building great user interfaces can take some time. You want to be sure that your first released version points in the right direction. How can you get feedback from your customers before you deliver a real product or a working prototype? What is the best way to try things out and be able to throwContinue reading “Effective Feedback – Fake it before you make it”

Effective Feedback – No barriers

You want to receive feedback for the work you’re doing to get better. Everybody that read Eric Ries book “The Lean Startup” will realize that short learning phases are essential for the success of a new product or feature. You want to know if you’re developing a stunning functionality or if you’re the only oneContinue reading “Effective Feedback – No barriers”